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  • To all those who have served, and those who continue to serve...Happy Veterans Day!
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    Heyday does more than acquire brands. Its partnership model enables entrepreneurs to grow their businesses inside of Heyday and share in its equity. This approach gives sellers an edge by architecting supply chains to be agile and work with Fulfillment by Amazon, as well as investing in data capabilities. [More...]

    Entrepreneurs might well be the latest heroes in cyberwarfare. Despite increasing odds of malicious attacks, SMB owners are forging ahead with a newfound sense of security. Untangle's fourth annual SMB IT Security Report shows that SMBs have adapted to a changing work environment, addressed an influx of cyberattacks, and defined their approach to IT Security. [More...]

    Today LinuxInsider introduces a bimonthly news column to summarize some of the Linux and open-source consumer and enterprise events scattered around the Linux Sphere. Look forward to an assortment of topics that will keep Linux users and open-source supporters up to speed with new developments. [More...]

    Sales managers and their managers have had to make peace with the reality that they might not be able to get reps to use technology. But methodology alone or with technology is a more-or-less lost cause. Fortunately, the technology has improved consistently over the last two decades. Even more fortunately, the leading SFA company was founded by a sales guy. [More...]

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